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A weekly podcast about young adult literature, their filmic adaptations and everything in between.

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    Chapter 12 - The Umbrella Academy

    Strap on your space gear and take off your shoes because Joe and Brenna are tackling The Umbrella Academy, Netflix's latest TV adaptation, which is based on the first two volumes of the mega successful comics by Gerard Way (of the band My Chemical Romance) and artist Gabriel Bá.

    Just be warned: if you prefer to stay completely spoiler free, you may need to delay listening to this episode until you're caught up on S1!

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    Chapter 11 - The Kissing Booth

    Welcome to full-on vitriol. Brenna wants to barf and Joe wants to burn this book.

    In this take no prisoners dressing down of Beth Reekles’ massive Wattpad success The Kissing Booth, Brenna and Joe don’t expect to make any tween fans from Los Angeles happy (or is it South Wales? Or is it South Africa?). Thankfully Vince Marcello’s 2018 film adaptation fares better, although both texts contain abhorrent depictions of “fantasy romances” that young girls should steer far, FAR away from.

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    Chapter 10 - The Fault In Our Stars

    Brenna and Joe tackle our second namesake in as many weeks with a deep dive into John Green's 2012 realist YA The Fault In Our Stars and Josh Boone's 2014 film adaptation. The discussion skews a little more towards the book, including Green's extensive fan community, issues of representing "cancer kids" authentically and Joe's issues with the character of Gus.

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    Chapter 9 - The Hate U Give

    Fasten your SJW seatbelts because Brenna and Joe are tackling racism, privilege and duality in our most vital (and emotional) Chapter yet as we cover Angie Thomas' amazing The Hate U Give and George Tillman Jr.'s 2018 film adaptation.

    The discussion about the book and recent racist events in the media brings one host to tears, prompts a rage-fuelled clap back against #AllLivesMatter, but we're mostly here to heap effusive praise on the best YA book we've covered to date.

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    Chapter 8 - A Discovery Of Witches

    Brenna and Joe dive deep into Deborah Harkness’ 600 page tome A Discovery of Witches and discover…that they don’t care for supernatural romances. They debate the attraction to mates that can kill you, question the editorial decisions of the book and praise Teresa Palmer’s performance in the TV adaptation (now available on Sundance Now and Shudder).

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    Appendix C. Sex Education

    In a special appendix edition of the show, Brenna and Joe check out the first episode of the new Netflix series, Sex Education. The discussion ranges from Joe's love of Gillian Anderson, the balance between raunch and heart, and speculation about what role nostalgia, timelessness and class will play in the subsequent seven episodes of the first season.

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    Chapter 7 - Scott Pilgrim

    Brenna and Joe dive headfirst into the graphic novel universe of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim, its toxic masculinity and its Maple-soaked Canadian identity. A text to film comparison with Edgar Wright's adaptation reveals that some problems persist in both mediums, but - mores than any other text thus far - this is the one that reveals how far YALit has changed in just a short span of 8-9 years. Strap yourselves in folks…’cause we’re calling out the fanboys and the haters!

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    Excerpt B. Interview with Carrianne Leung

    Part of HKHSPod's mandate is to highlight the work of Canadian YA Lit writers. In this exclusive interview, Joe is joined by Carrianne Leung to discuss her work, why Canadian literature is having a moment and why Michelle Yeoh should get the animated treatment in a movie adaptation of Woo.

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    Chapter 6 - The Scarlet Letter / Easy A

    Brenna and Joe are back with our first full Chapter of 2019 and it's a doozy: Nathaniel Hawthorne's 1850 puritanical novel The Scarlet Letter and Will Gluck's delightful 2010 "loose" adaptation, Easy A. Come for the lively discussion about how to pronounce Hester Prynne's last name, why Salem sucked for women (shocking!) and how much we love Emma Stone.

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    Appendix B. YA Forecast 2019

    Happy New Year (or whatever it is you celebrate)! Brenna and Joe have gathered to survey the young adult literature and adaptation landscape for the first quarter of 2019 to select a few picks to add to your Library holds list.

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