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A weekly podcast about young adult literature, their filmic adaptations and everything in between.

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    Ella Enchanted

    Brenna and Joe stumble into a fairy tale world that compels them to do everything they're told...so long as it's compare Gale Carson Levine's 1997 Ella Enchanted and Tommy O'Haver's over-the-top wacky 2004 adaptation, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary this week!

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    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina feat. Emily von Seele

    Brenna and Joe venture deep into the Greendale woods to perform a dark ceremony in advance of Brenna's birthday and they're joined by a very special guest: Emily von Seele! The three unpack the gorgeous art and risky narrative in Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's 60s-set dark reboot of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and contrast it with the more risk-adverse 2018 Netflix adaptation - just in time for its return on April 5th!

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    Break out your black tights and your pink hair because Brenna and Joe are headed into the Dauntless Pit with Veronica Roth's 2011 bestseller Divergent and the Neil Burger-helmed 2014 adaptation. Both hosts have mixed feelings, contrasting their initial enjoyment of the texts back in the day with the more complicated, less fun reading of both in a post-Trump, anti-intellectual world. It's not all doom and gloom, though: it turns out Brenna's brother and Joe's husband have nearly identical reactions to the film, Brenna gets far too much pleasure whispering the titular term and the episode ends with a SHOCKING revelation that Brenna has been keeping from Joe for the entirety of their friendship!

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    Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda / Love, Simon

    After several weeks of...challenging texts, Brenna and Joe dive into the warm comfort of Becky Albertalli's 2015 Simon vs. The Homo Sapien Agenda and Greg Berlanti's 2018 adaptation Love, Simon. The pair break down the book's great writing, problematize the film's depiction of Leah and Ethan and praise what may be the best, most supportive parents in YA.

    It's a bit of a gush fest, honestly.

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    Mortal Engines

    Hold onto your Old Tech because Brenna and Joe are on the run from London and the other Traction Cities as they tackle Phillip Reeves' 2001 novel Mortal Engines, as well as 2018's significantly less interesting film adaptation by Christian Rivers. The text has fascinating colonialist and caste implications that are mostly abandoned in the film, in favour of pretty CW-styled actors and a really bad hairpiece by Hugo Weaving's villain.

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    After several weeks of dystopian and urban fantasy, Brenna and Joe travel back in time to the 1980s and the Iranian Revolution for a deep dive in Marjane Satrapi's award-winning comics & animated film, Persepolis.

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    The Mortal Instruments

    Mundanes Brenna and Joe muddle their way through a three for one as they tackle Cassandra Clare’s 2007 urban fantasy novel The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, the CGI atrocity that is the 2013 film adaptation and the 2016 Freeform TV adaptation, Shadowhunters (which they declare the best version of the story).

    Expect A LOT of sighs, guffaws and questions...

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    Excerpt C. Interview with Steven Bereznai

    Part of HKHSPod's mandate is to highlight the work of Canadian YA Lit writers. In this exclusive interview, Brenna and Joe are joined by Steven Bereznai to discuss his bestselling books, why superhero narratives are so appealing to gay men, and which former Teen Wolf stars should begin preparing for a cinematic adaptation of 'I Want Superpowers.'

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    The Umbrella Academy

    Strap on your space gear and take off your shoes because Joe and Brenna are tackling The Umbrella Academy, Netflix's latest TV adaptation, which is based on the first two volumes of the mega successful comics by Gerard Way (of the band My Chemical Romance) and artist Gabriel Bá.

    Just be warned: if you prefer to stay completely spoiler free, you may need to delay listening to this episode until you're caught up on S1!

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    The Kissing Booth

    Welcome to full-on vitriol. Brenna wants to barf and Joe wants to burn this book.

    In this take no prisoners dressing down of Beth Reekles’ massive Wattpad success The Kissing Booth, Brenna and Joe don’t expect to make any tween fans from Los Angeles happy (or is it South Wales? Or is it South Africa?). Thankfully Vince Marcello’s 2018 film adaptation fares better, although both texts contain abhorrent depictions of “fantasy romances” that young girls should steer far, FAR away from.

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